Our Ethos

Why Organic?

Our organic ethos is simple, we want to offer the best start in life for all children.

We are Coventry’s first Organic Children’s Day Nursery.

Organic food produce has been proven to contain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants as well as no harmful chemicals or pesticides. We offer an organic food menu (sourced where possible) which provides a highly nutritious well balanced diet for all children. We promote healthy choices at meal times and encourage children’s independence by providing opportunities such as; pouring their own organic milk or filtered water and self serving food. All staff and children sit down together at meal times, supporting children’s social development while enjoying food.

We source all of our food locally using organic suppliers, with an aim to also help the local community. Our fruit and vegetables are seasonal. Therefore they have the best nutritional value, as well as providing lots of choice for children to try a range of different fruit and vegetables.

Before choosing organic, we did a lot of research to why organic is our preferred choice. Here are some of our findings;

  • New Studies released in the British Journal of Nutrition, has also shown that both organic milk and meat contain around 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than non organic products.
  • Organic meat has lower concentrations of 2 saturated fats.
  • Organic food reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Organic milk and dairy products contain higher concentrations of Iron, Vitamin E, and some Carotenoids.  (see below for details about Carotenoids)
  • Organically produced crops such as; fruit, vegetables and cereals have up to 68% more antioxidants than non organic.
  • Organic fruit and vegetables contain lower concentrations of pesticides and the toxic heavy metal Cadamin.
  • Organic tomatoes contain high levels of antioxidants, which help to reduce the chances of Heart Disease and Cancer.

What are Carotenoids? They are plant pigments responsible for bright red, yellow and orange colours in many fruits and vegetables, which contain protective health benefits.

In 2014 research showed that organic crops contain a much higher nutritional value, which suggests that switching to food organically sourced has positive health benefits. Including higher levels of some desirable antioxidents, whilst reducing the intake of potentially harmful pesticides.

Pesticides contain chemicals that have a greater effect on a child’s body compared to an adults. As harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, this has a positive impact on highly lifestyles for the future generations.

Our organic ethos is not only in the food we provide but the products we use such as; nappies, wipes, nappy cream, bedding and blankets, cot mattresses and toys and resources.

Click here to find out where we source our Organic nappies and wipes.

Our Eco Friendly Ethos

We are passionate about caring for the environment at Enchanted.

We use a variety of natural resources and equipment for children to explore through play, including sensory experiences which help support cognitive development.

Ways we care for the environment at Enchanted;

  • Energy Saving Light Bulbs
  • Biodegradable Nappies and Wipes
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Eco Friendly Hand Soap
  • Using Ethical Products
  • Environmentally Friendly Waste and Nappy Disposal
  • Organic Food
  • Up-cycled Resources
  • Predominately Wooden and Natural Resources, Following our Low Plastic Toy Policy
  • Paperless Where Possible
  • Recycling

Here are some examples of the up-cycling we have created at Enchanted;

We have created our very own mud kitchen in our garden, which has brought endless amounts of fun and imaginative play for all children. It also inspires role play, allowing children to experiment with mud and other natural materials. Our mud kitchen provides amazing play opportunities including; kitchen play, digging, mud pies, mud painting and anything else children could possibly imagine.

Playing with mud is innovative, fun, engaging …. and can sometimes get messy!